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Welcome to the Future of Employee Support

Learn how Astound helps service requests get resolved faster and gives employees more time to focus on the work that matters most.

Today, every company is a technology company. We all rely on technology to do our jobs and gain a competitive advantage. When employees need help we expect the kind of support we receive outside work as consumers. Unfortunately, that's not what we get. Calling the help desk or emailing IT just creates frustration and more downtime. But there is a better way.

Some of the world's most respected support organizations are turning to Astound to create better user experiences with A.I.-driven fully automated employee support.

Astound delivers enhanced employee work experiences through an A.I. platform.

Our platform provides four applications - Answers, Predict, Advise and Analyze – that automate the full lifecycle of a request.

These applications help avoid frustration and friction in the help desk process - and the result leads to heightened employee satisfaction and productivity along with lower service costs and better answers.

This first application on the Astound platform is called Answers. 80% of employee service requests are related to the same three issues: password resets, application access, and system configurations. Answers, the Astound Virtual Agent, or VA, can easily address common requests. With Natural Language Processing and Understanding, the Astound VA is able to detect that a user is asking a question or requesting a service, expediting the VA’s ability to resolve issues faster ...

The Astound Virtual Agent can quickly automate a password reset, order items like phones, and check 401(K) contributions. When an employee requests access to an application, the VA can look up the profile of the user to see if they are authorized, then automatically provision the requested application or service without the intervention of a human agent.

If the Virtual Agent is unable to resolve a user’s issue, the user can enter the self-service portal where she can ask the VA to “create a ticket,” which automatically hands off the request, along with all key information, to a live agent.

The ticket is now routed to the correct queue by Astound Predict.

Now we see the Helpdesk agent in real-time after the Virtual Agent auto-routed the ticket. Astound picked “Managed Wi-Fi LAN” as the appropriate group. Predict has already filled out several areas of the form for the live agent. The live agent can then click “Accept” or “Ignore” depending on the accuracy of the recommendation. In this case, Astound Predict shows in the pop-up that it is "99%" confident about this recommendation.

The live agent’s decision teaches the system to continue making AI-driven recommendations based on the current Machine Learning Data Model. As descriptions are updated, and new recommendations from Astound Predict are “Accepted," the other relevant fields are filled out along with it.

After Astound Predict triages, routes and sanitizes the incident form…

It hands off the ticket to the third app on the Astound platform called Advise.

Astound Advise offers solution recommendations from various sources within the organization, regardless of where the knowledge resides within the company, and regardless of what source of data. In this case, we open a few Advise cards to check which seems like the best solution candidate. To show that the Advise cards are updated dynamically, we change the short description of the fields in the ticket. As the content in the description is changed, the cards at the bottom are also dynamically updated. We now select a relevant card and "pin it" to the ticket. Finally, an automated notification is sent to the user with a suggested resolution.

The fourth, and final, app on the Astound platform is Analyze.

Sophisticated dashboards in Astound Analyze provide business insights by surfacing trends identified by Astound Answers, Predict, and Advise. Analyze also provides service providers and managers with full insight into the conversations that are happening across the enterprise, allowing them to see what issues are trending for employees. This unique insight provides executives details about where the company may be understaffed or areas that need special attention. All of this information enables service owners and executives to make smart, strategic decisions to improve service quality and employee satisfaction.

AI-driven automation from Astound adds a layer of intelligence on top of the service delivery process which delivers better answers, makes live agents smarter, and helps employees do better work.

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