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Astound adds a layer of intelligence on top of ServiceNow. It automates the decision-making process for ServiceNow users to ensure the best action is taken by the best live agent. It creates a Knowledge Graph using data within and outside ServiceNow to complement every ServiceNow pre-configured and custom app.

ServiceNow offers a single cloud-based service automation platform that enables customers to use a single data model to share information and workflow processes across all of its service and support focused applications.

ServiceNow Applications

ServiceNow offers products for IT, security, HR and customer service. Within each of these areas, ServiceNow offers a host of products focused on helping to alleviate the high productivity costs of ad hoc, manual business processes such as employee on-boarding, phone ordering, and project management.

Astound complements every critical function of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Store

Astound is available as a certified integration on the ServiceNow  Store. Learn more about our integration here:


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