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Neva’s a certified app in the ServiceNow Store: so what?

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I’m proud to announce the Neva AI platform is now a certified app in the ServiceNow Store.

Who cares? We told our moms. They care a lot. It should mean even more to you.

Here’s why…

I worked at ServiceNow long enough to know why the company was called Glidesoft, why zBoot will forever be one of the greatest bands of all time, and why a certain PC under Bow Ruggeri’s desk belongs in the Computer History Museum. I also remember a time when the vision of a community, app store, and partners committed to building on the platform were all stuff of dreams.


All of which is why the irony of launching the industry’s first AI-driven automation platform in the ServiceNow Store isn’t lost on me. It’s fitting that in the place that best represents the growth of the ServiceNow community now lives the product that will help those customers get where they’re headed next. ServiceNow helped us all realize what great service means. Neva will help us all realize why the service journey’s all about people… and AI-driven automation is the future.


There are many apps in the Store and this one is little more than another logo in a portal crowded with other great ones. What the certification of Neva means goes far beyond another app in another store. It’s a reminder that innovation always wins and we’re on the cusp of technology-aided cultural disruption like we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution.


Thanks to decision engines like Neva and platforms like ServiceNow, in five years…


  • Service will be delivered instead of requested: your profile, ticket history, and geography will be enough to ensure what you need is available before you know you need it.
  • Conversation will be the new app: interacting with workflow platforms will require nothing beyond your fingerprint and voice.
  • Answers – not tickets – will be the unit of value: the best answers may come from the wisdom of crowds or autonomous agents but they’ll always arrive instantly via thinking machines.
ServiceNow’s the platform of the future. AI-Driven Automation is the future of support.


Meet us in booth N11 at Knowledge17. Then tell your mom about Neva. She’ll be proud of you.
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