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Deliver Exceptional Employee Experiences with Astound’s ServiceNow Artificial Intelligence Integration

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The lifecycle of an employee service request

 As an employee in a large enterprise, you rue the day when you need to submit a ticket. In the Fortune 500 alone, there are about 26.5 million employees and each of them submits an average of two tickets per quarter. That’s about 200 million times per year someone asks for help… and has an awful employee experience.

On average, it costs companies $22 every time the phone rings and it takes about 2.5 hours to resolve every level 1 ticket. And the cost per ticket and mean time to resolution (MTTR) increases significantly each time the ticket is escalated. Industry averages place the cost per ticket for Level 2 at $60 and Level 3 and field support staff in the range of $80- $100+. Repetitive inquires and unnecessary ticket escalations are costing organizations significant time and money. Astound is out to change that. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the routine tasks that ordinarily require humans to read from scripts. With AI-driven automation, that $22 it costs every time the phone rings gets reduced to just $3. And the 2.5 hours goes down to just 15 minutes.

Astound automates the lifecycle of employee requests by wrapping a horizontal layer of intelligence around traditional systems of record. What does it mean to automate the lifecycle of an employee service request? It means any time an employee needs anything, has a question or a problem there’s a way to streamline the fulfillment process and resolve the issue the right way the first time. The lifecycle has four phases:

  1. Identify and Understand: The support agent receives and reads through the requests in order to understand the basic premise of the request.
  2. Categorize and Route: Once the support agents understands what the request is about, it is categorized and routed to the appropriate group to resolve it
  3. Recommend and Resolve: Once the request gets to the right people who have the relevant tools and knowhow, they recommend a resolution to the problem, and if correct, resolve it.
  4. Learn and Improve: Once the incident is resolved, it can be used as a data point for future learning and to improve the incident resolution process.


Today that lifecycle is too expensive. It’s too inefficient. Employees aren’t receiving the employee service experiences they deserve. But now, advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have made it possible to radically change that with AI-driven automation.

Deliver exceptional employee experiences with AI-driven automation

Astound follows the lifecycle of service requests by first engaging the requester with Answers, a virtual artificial intelligence agent that uses natural language processing and natural language understanding to diagnose and, typically, resolve issues at the first point of contact. When Answers isn’t sufficient and an issue requires human involvement, it hands off to Astound Predict which automatically categorizes and routes the task to a live agent. Predict hands off to Astound Advise which uses machine learning to make contextual recommendations to live agents.


Lastly, Astound Analyze listens to automated interactions occurring in Answers, Predict, and Advise to surface business insights for service owners using predictive analytics. Likewise, all of the insights and learnings gained from each individual application are shared across the others, strengthening the accuracy of the entire system. For instance, when an issue is frequently resolved with the use of a specific knowledge article surfaced by Advise, Answers is aware of that and will being providing that knowledge to requesters in its conversations, earlier in the incident lifecycle. This not only reduces MTTR and cost per ticket, but more importantly it dramatically improves employee experiences on both sides of the service desk.

Astound’s ServiceNow Artificial Intelligence Integration

Astound’s ServiceNow integration adds a layer of intelligence to the service lifecycle. Astound’s ServiceNow artificial intelligence integration automates the lifecycle of service requests and allows customers to interact conversationally with any app on the Now Platform® using natural language.

Through the integration with ServiceNow, the Astound AI platform helps ServiceNow customers:

  • Reduce call volume by improving the self-service experience using chatbot automation via Astound Answers
  • Reduce MTTR and improves data quality with Astound Predict
  • Surface relevant contextual recommendations to provide a “roadmap to resolution” for fulfillers with Astound Advise
  • Offer service line managers a predictive analytics dashboard to understand how automation is impacting service delivery

Astound is available as a certified integration on the ServiceNow Store.  The table below shows how each of the four apps on the Astound AI platform can be integrated with ServiceNow applications.

Astound App

Integrates with:





IT Service Management

ServiceNow Incident Management: Streamlines service restorationXXXX
ServiceNow Connect: Enables real-time collaboration and communicationX
ServiceNow Change Management: Control IT change processes, from creation, risk‑assessment, conflict detection, and approval to environmental changesXXXX
ServiceNow Knowledge Management: Captures and packages knowledge from across the organizationXXX
ServiceNow Problem Management: Minimizes the business impact of service disruptions and prevents future disruptionsXXXX
Service Now Configuration Management: Provides a single system of record for ITXXX

Request Management

ServiceNow Portal: Mobile-friendly self-service portal experiences for employeesXXXX
ServiceNow Catalog: Delivers a wide range of products and services through a modern and user‑friendly storefrontXX

Customer Service Management

ServiceNow CSM: Helps businesses serve customers faster and more effectivelyXXXX

HR Case Service Delivery

ServiceNow HR Case and Knowledge Management:  Standardizes the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee inquiries and requestsXXXX


ServiceNow Workflow: Automates multi‑step processes that occur between people and systemsX
ServiceNow Security Operations: Identify, prioritize and respond to threats fasterXXXX

Recap: Key Benefits of Astound’s ServiceNow Integration

 With Astound and ServiceNow, organizations get the best of both worlds. They get world-class workflow automation coupled with the industry’s most-adopted AI platform for employee service.

  • Reduced cost per ticket
  • Increased profitability for the business
  • Less downtime for employees
  • Increased productivity for support agents

Want to learn more about Astound’s ServiceNow artificial intelligence integration? Download the data sheet below.

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