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What does ITSM have in common with the TacoBot? Listen and learn.

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I sat down with ITSM and AI IDC analyst Rob Young at Knowledge17 for a discussion about the future of AI-driven automation in IT. We discussed how AI is being used today, the business benefits of virtual_agents and AI-driven recommendations for live agents, and how AI is (and isn’t) changing the role of humans in IT.

At the end of 30 minutes, we were just getting started. We continued the discussion in a second podcast in June about specific customers that are out-innovating the rest. Here are links to both for your listening pleasure…

  1. “The future of AI in IT” podcast with Rob Young: episode one live from Knowledge17
  2. “The future of AI in IT” podcast with Rob Young: episode two

Passionate about the future of IT? Have something interesting to say to thousands of IT leaders? We’re always looking for (interesting… quirky… controversial…) guests to join me in the “Future of AI in IT” podcast studio.

Let me know if you’re ready to share your expertise with the community.



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