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Ready to shift left but not sure where to start? Listen and learn.

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In my recent podcast, I was joined by ITSM expert Vawns Murphy from ITSM.Tools, and Dan Turchin, Neva co-founder. We discussed why IT leaders should consider a shift left strategy to increase the value of ITSM for both those who consume and deliver business services.

Vawns provided her analysis of a recent survey conducted by ITSM.tools and we explored best practices IT pros can employ to build stronger relationships with business stakeholders and focus on delivering high value services.

We also showcased AI-driven automation in action via a live demo of Astound’s virtual agent plus auto-mapping, fulfiller assistance, and predictive analytics dashboards.

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We’re always looking for (interesting… inspirational… controversial…) guests to join me in the podcast studio. Please drop me a line if you’re ready to share your insights with the industry.


– Rob

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