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Change with purpose: why I decided to join Neva

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New path, same mission

Prior to joining Neva, I held the position of lead analyst for IDC’s Client Virtualization and IT Service Management Software research practice. In that role, I had the opportunity and privilege to consult with countless IT leaders within some of the world’s largest enterprises as well as small to medium sized businesses. Based on these engagements, I was able to provide strategic market and product directions for a wide range of IT management software vendors and solution providers, aiding in their ability to provide customers with the tools needed to address challenging technology-oriented initiatives.

Leading up to my role as an industry analyst, I spent 12+ years leading several IT service management organizations. With now nearly two decades in the ITSM industry serving as an IT practitioner within the United States Air Force and corporate enterprises and a market researcher, I’ve witnessed many technology and workplace transformations. The writing’s on the wall that continued advancements in areas such as cloud and mobile computing will only accelerate the rate of change in workplace technology and culture. What’s more, the ability to rapidly gain access and capitalize on advanced technologies will have a profound impact on the current and future success of every business.

During my career as an analyst, I’ve had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Dan Turchin, Neva’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. Dan thinks big and thrives on driving technology innovations that enable organizations to reach their business objectives. Over the years we’ve had many forward thinking conversations related to empowering IT organizations to drive business value.

Last December, in a small Boston area coffee shop, Dan and I had a particularly intriguing discussion regarding the value of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology in the enterprise. It was during this meeting that I was first introduced to Neva and the company’s strategic focus and technical approach of applying AI and ML capabilities to enterprise service management. Dan and I shared enthusiasm for the opportunity to transform enterprise service.

Dan and Neva’s boarder leadership team have proven track records of building great teams that deliver great products. Likewise, Neva now employs some of the world’s most-respected data scientists and ontologists. Thus, when presented with the opportunity to join Neva, I was both humbled and excited to be part of the team and mission.

Equipping Technology-enabled Businesses for Success

While the types of services that IT delivers and supports must continually keep pace with evolving workplace and technology trends, it is essential that IT always creates business value with smart technology investments. Delivering on that value proposition has become increasingly difficult as IT organizations struggle to scale technology services and support to meet the needs of today’s always on and always connected workforce.

The ITSM community is made up of passionate individuals who not only take great pride in their roles but embrace continuous improvement. And maintaining these attributes is critical in supporting an environment that is sure to remain turbulent. However, leveraging manual, cumbersome processes to serve as service delivery channels simply won’t scale in today’s increasingly fragmented and hybrid technology landscape, and can greatly hinder even the most dedicated support teams. 

I joined Neva to be part of the team whose mission is providing AI and ML based solutions that allow organizations to automate services and deliver more personalized and just-in-time support experiences.

Furthering the Objectives

The lack of consistent and reliable engagement with business users has made it nearly impossible for IT organizations to properly measure the effectiveness of their services. The IT department’s failure to keep up is what fuels trends like shadow IT, which all too often impacts productivity, security, and business continuity.

Thankfully, these challenges have not gone unnoticed by service management platform vendors. For instance, there has been significant advancement made in the UI design, service catalog, and self-service capabilities within ITSM solutions. These innovations have resulted in wider adoption of ITSM offerings and best practices, allowing IT to accumulate massive amounts of data regarding end user preferences, priorities, and practices in terms of technology consumption and needs. Additionally, ITSM platforms are increasingly being developed and utilized to support business units outside of IT i.e., HR, Facilities, Customer Service, etc.

IT and business leaders alike are paying close attention to AI and ML technology as it rapidly advances to a state in which autonomous agents can efficiently leverage the data within service management platforms as well as other systems of record to sustain informative, interactive, intelligent conversations with customers. Moreover, AI and ML driven automation stands to allow service organizations to increase the scale of their support functions and improve service quality while decreasing operational costs.

Embracing Change With Purpose

Change with propose starts with maintaining a steadfast commitment to core principles while continuing to be inspired and curious enough to embrace new ways of ensuring goals are achieved.

What drove my decision to join Neva? First and foremost, I view the move as a continuation of doing work with meaning and fulfilling my long-held passion for helping service and support organizations deliver first-class experiences to their customers. Knowing Neva’s vision aligned with this purpose was a critical part of my decision.

While AI and machine learning based service management may seem bold and visionary, I believe it’s the way IT will drive innovation for the next decade. Therefore, I couldn’t be more excited to join a company that is defining the future of enterprise service and empowering organizations to deliver customer experiences that engage and delight.


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