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Astound for Slack reinvents the enterprise help desk

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Menlo Park, CA (February 22, 2018) Astound, an enterprise software company applying machine learning and natural language processing to automate service and support for customers like McDonald’s and adidas, today announced a new real-time, self-service support solution for employees within large enterprises using Slack.

“Poor service and support is a multi-billion-dollar problem for large enterprises,” stated Dan Turchin, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Astound. “Employees expect great support at work, yet they’re forced to wait on hold and often are given the wrong answers. Astound for Slack is bridging this widening expectation gap by automating the process to provide better answers and a consumer-like employee experience.”

Astound for Slack improves work life for every employee with unique, AI-driven capabilities.

  • It incorporates the features of an enterprise’s self-service portal into Slack where collaboration already happens. Astound’s virtual agent gets smarter with every request, improving incident management efficiency and and creating an essential tool for every employee.
  • From within Slack, employees have the ability to perform common tasks like resetting their passwords, submitting and managing active requests, and using interactive Slack platform features; Slack-enabled virtual agents closely emulate human-to-human customer service interactions.
  • Semantic parsing  enables the virtual agent to understand the meaning of words based on context and related concepts, unlike other virtual agents. For example, a problem description like “Salesforce isn’t running” is understood to be an issue with the CRM application rather than a commentary on the team’s fitness habits.
  • When the virtual agent can’t resolve the issue at the first point of contact, it automatically escalates to a live agent using machine learning-based auto-routing and includes a transcript of the dialog to help the live agent resolve the issue faster the first time. Astound embeds related links from resolved issues and other information sources in the active incident so the live agent is presented with the best answer instantly when the issue is submitted.

Leveraging AI, Astound for Slack is the trusted source for all routine employee requests. Turchin continued, “We’re thrilled to be offering this innovation to large enterprises, and what we’re announcing today is just the beginning.”

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About Astound

Astound is purpose-built for enterprise service management and automates answers to routine questions, accurately assigns & categorizes incidents, recommends the best resolutions, and delivers predictive analytics. Astound partners with leading enterprise IT software vendors like ServiceNow, Atlassian, and Salesforce to offer out of the box integrations with ITSM, knowledge management, Customer Service Management (CSM), and social collaboration solutions. Astound helps some of the most-respected organizations in the world reduce call volume, MTTR and support costs, while improving customer satisfaction. Learn more about Astound at https://astound.ai or follow the company on Twitter @astound_ai.

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