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Congrats to Team Astound on being named a best place to work in Silicon Valley!

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There’s the HP way and “don’t be evil”, “move fast and break things” and “think different”. Silicon Valley has incubated many iconic cultures. Look out Apple and Google, the next one’s incubating in a (fittingly) unpretentious Menlo Park warehouse. 

I’m proud to share that Astound was named a 2019 best place to work by Silicon Review. We didn’t need the recognition to know we’re creating something transcendent… yet I’m proud beyond words to be part of this special team and celebrate our progress.

Astoundians come here to do the best work of their lives. We pride ourselves on creating a safe place where every team member becomes the best version of themselves. We have a bias for action. We value diversity. We hire the whole person.

Some things we’ve invested in knowingly like an open door meeting policy, hack-a-thons, cross-discipline brown bags, and cultural potlucks. Other things just happen like weekend soccer with families and (Olympic-intensity) ping pong tournaments. 

Why do we love working here? There’s a shared sense that Astound is where insane ambition meets creativity and ingenuity… and rewards contrarian thinking. It’s our “work doesn’t feel like work” place. 

Once in a career, you get to participate in something that will change the world. Naghi and I knew our vision was laughably bold when we started the company in 2015. It’s gratifying to see us inching closer to achieving it every day.

We feel lucky to be changing the world with each other at this moment in history. We have audacious goals… and we’re crazy enough to think we’ll exceed them. We’re committed to helping the next billion employees around the world achieve their full potential with AI-driven automation.

It starts with what every Astoundian does every day to inspire and improve each other. I slipstream off the energy that’s created when linguists and scientists and programmers and statisticians collide and are empowered to challenge the status quo. 

Sadly, we can’t hire him… but working at Astound reminds me of the Marcel Proust quote:

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they’re the ones who make our souls blossom.”

Every day gets better. Join us


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