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How adidas is empowering employees with an enhanced self-service experience

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Join us April 12 for an in-depth discussion about how adidas utilized an AI-driven agent to facilitate and automate employee service related workplace communication to modernize their IT service management (ITSM) approach.

Our panel will include Kees Henniphof (Director, ServiceNow Product Marketing EMEA), Damien Davis (ServiceNow Product Management & Strategy, Dan Turchin (Astound co-founder) and Benjamin Zacariah Howell III (adidas AG Service Management Lead and Market Success Manager).

Faced with an expanding global workforce, increasing IT complexity and employees who expect “consumerized” experiences, adidas’ corporate IT infrastructure department is continuously looking for innovative ways to enable employees with fast, easy access to technology resources while also delivering superior support.

To help scale IT service and support across the company’s wide range of systems and applications, adidas is leveraging advanced self-service capabilities from ServiceNow and Astound.

Following a comprehensive selection process, involving 16 vendors, ServiceNow was selected as the platform of choice by adidas, complemented by Astound’s AI offering. In 2015, the organization went live with its ASPEN Service Shop – a portal for its global workforce to request and order services, software, and hardware. Incident/Problem Management and Request Fulfillment were added in early 2016 and then Change Management, to minimize change-related incidents/problems and to ensure a sophisticated and efficient Global Change Management approach.

How adidas uses AI-driven automation to improve employee service

The ASPEN Service Shop sits at the heart of the organization’s employee service delivery. Through this one-stop shop, adidas employees have access to a full range of services, including not only IT services, but also Human Resources and Finance related services. The ASPEN Service Shop allow their user community to:

  • Request their user access
  • Order software and hardware components
  • Submit incidents by searching for information in their comprehensive HR knowledge base
  • Perform all approvals related to the mentioned components

A dedicated user experience team worked with adidas Global Service Management team to design and build the interface, apply intuitive navigation, and bring the adidas branding to the forefront, without compromising on functionality. With Astound AI partnering with ServiceNow’s Machine Learning capabilities, employees interactively ask questions, submit incidents and order goods and services in real-time using natural language directly from within the ServiceNow Service Portal.

Astound Answers (Astound’s virtual agent technology) is embedded in adidas’ ServiceNow Service Portal. It uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) technology to understand employeeissues/requests and determines which requests can be handled via automated workflows versus those that require human agents.

For instance, when an employee enters an ambiguous inquiry regarding an iPhone in the portal search field, Astound Answers engages in a dialog with the employee to determine the true intent of the inquiry (i.e., is the employee having an issue with their device or cell service, wanting to know their upgrade eligibility, or order a new phone). Once Astound Answers identifies the employee’s intent, the system automates the appropriate next steps (i.e., indicates the employees upgrade eligibility status and/or provides the correct request form).

For service requests that require human involvement, adidas uses Astound Predict to automatically open incidents on behalf of employees. Additionally, Predict auto-populates the correct Category, Service and Subservice and can initiate automated approval workflows within ServiceNow.

Astound Predict uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to:

  • Predict/assign the values for any field, in any form, based on information provided during and after a request is submitted
  • Allow managers to configure confidence thresholds that determine when a prediction is relevant enough to be assigned as a field value
  • Continuously monitor form fields, in real-time, to ensure that when updates are made to a record, predictions are automatically and dynamically updated
  • Allow agents to review predicted values and override them if necessary and approved
  • Automate model management based on active learning
  • Surface relevant data from multiple sources to increase prediction accuracy

Through the use of ServiceNow’s workflow automation capabilities and Astound’s AI platform, adidas’ IT department is empowering employees with personalized and optimized self-service experiences. Employees are able to ask IT questions, submit incidents and/or make requests to the service catalog in real-time, using natural language.

Register here to join our panel discussion to learn more about how Astound is leveraging AI-driven automation to deliver high-quality employee service and to understand critical success factors during implementation.



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