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Using AI to Provide Better Employee Service: A Q&A with Dan Turchin of Astound

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[Re-posted from the CSRA Thinking Next blog]

In a recent article on Thinking Next, Dave Vennergrund, the Director of Data and Analytics at CSRA, took a detailed look at some of the hottest and potentially transformative technologies being discussed across both the public and private sector today—artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

In his article, Dave defined AI and talked about its long history—dating back to the beginning of computing. He also talked about what differentiates AI in the past from today’s AI solutions, and the trends and technologies enabling this AI evolution.

AI solutions are truly the future of technology, and offer the potential to make all organizations, including the federal government and its agencies, more effective and efficient. For this reason, we’ll will be speaking with cloud providers and emerging technology companies that are creating the innovative new AI tools that can help federal agencies drive operational efficiency and better serve constituents.

One of these innovative emerging technology companies is Astound. And that’s more than just a name. Astound’s technologies are helping federal agencies and other organizations to better and more effectively deliver employee service. To learn more about Astound, we recently sat down with Dan Turchin, the company’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. Here is what he had to say…

Read the full transcript here.


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