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Sam’s happier at work and a better dad at home thanks to AI. It’s not here to take his job.

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Sam’s a large man who barely fits into his Subaru. He’s the IT manager at WellPoint Health in Thousand Oaks just north of LA. It’s a large campus with seventeen buildings and it seems even larger when the roads are sloppy in the middle of winter. He dreads deskside support calls because they mean more minutes behind the wheel and more time away from the call center.

He’s most effective when coaching his young team and managing projects like the Workday upgrade or the employee sat survey. They call him MacGyver because he once fixed a server chassis with silly putty and a soldering iron.

In January, Sam’s team started using AI-driven automation from Astound to automate the incident triage process and make contextual recommendations to live agents. Before, every new ticket was manually routed. Two-thirds of them hopped between at least two groups before reaching the right queue. Mean time to resolve was a little under twelve hours — about six to find the right owner and another six for the owner to solve the problem.

Now, AI from Astound finds the right owner 92% of the time without any additional hops. Then AI tells the live agent how to fix the problem using cards that display answer candidates from various WellPoint sources like SharePoint documents, chat transcripts, emails, and ServiceNow knowledge articles.

Mean time to resolve is now less than two hours after six months. That’s about ten hours less per ticket that employees now use to do what WellPoint does best: save lives. That’s also ten hours less per ticket that live agents now use to author better knowledge content and perform better root cause analyses.

Employee satisfaction is up and engagement surveys finally are trending positive after three quarters in decline. In Sam’s world, a lot has changed and only some of it is related to work. For the first time in a decade, he’s now home for dinner most nights. His kids say it’s nice to have dad back… and he spends less time at the chiropractor thanks to fewer hours in the Subaru.

AI-driven automation isn’t out to take Sam’s job. It’s here to make him a better manager, a better team member, and a better person.

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