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Neva is now Astound. Here’s why.

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Superman changed into a cape. Zeus changed into a swan. Neva is changing into Astound.

Our decision to re-launch Neva as Astound was a months-long process that culminated in a name change and was the byproduct of much soul-searching, debate about our vision and culture, and a lot of caffeine.

We’ve bottled up much exciting news which makes this the right time to say hello world. We recently raised $11.5M from some of the best venture firms on the planet. The round was co-led by Vertex Ventures and Pelion Venture Partners with participation from the Slack Fund, The Hive, and Moment Ventures. We couldn’t ask for better partners to help us grow. We’re honored to be surrounded by a team of experts who share our philosophy and passion… and have built many companies we admire.

We’re in production with many of the world’s leading support organizations including 40,000 restaurants and 1.9 million employees at McDonald’s. We’ve been quietly delivering customer value since our first go-live a year ago. We’ve been working with a special group of launch partners including ServiceNow, Slack, and Infosys. We host the largest global meetup dedicated to the future of AI in IT which includes more than a thousand AI enthusiasts who meet monthly to teach, learn, and inspire each other. We recently joined TechNet to advise policy-makers on the responsible use of AI.

We’ve stayed quiet, refined the platform, listened to customers, and iterated instead of shouting into a headwind before delivering results. We’re a restless, self-critical crew and we finally feel our platform is ready for launch.

The Astound logo and brand were carefully selected… no less rigor and attention to detail accompany a NASA Martian landing. Think twenty PhDs debating the merits of kerning, hex colors, and the (many!) connotations of “service”. Alas, we’re as proud of our new brand as we are of our product.

The “A” in the Astound logo is a triangle pointing skyward. The three points represent our three design principles: design for humans, automate with compassion, and deliver customer value with data. It’s the tip of a spear that reminds us to focus.

It’s geometric representing the science that underpins what we do and has four shades of green and blue which represent the art. It’s composed of eight triangles, each balanced to stabilize the whole. Like our team, it’s only effective when all of them are in the right place. It’s the first letter in the alphabet. It’s the start of a story, a journey, a future we’re defining together with passionate team members and visionary customers.

Neva represented the fusion of back office intelligence with the front-office user experience – “ne” for “nervous system” and “va” for “veins” in the circulatory system. Astound is the whole body, all systems working in concert to make work life better for everyone.

We’ve seen the future. We think it’s astounding. It starts today!


Photo credit: Valeria Zoncoll

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