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Introducing AI future of work, a new podcast series from Astound

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We are excited to unveil the inaugural episode in our AI future of work podcast series. AI future of work features thoughtful conversations with forward-thinking leaders building the future of work.

Our first guest is Brent Knipfer. A polyglot fluent in the languages of service management, technical implementation, business process and corporate strategy, Brent has more than 30 years of experience designing service management process for the world’s leading organizations. Today, Brent is the Global Enterprise ServiceNow Solution Architect for Computer Aid, Inc., a global Information Technology (IT) application management and outsourcing corporation.

One of our favorite tidbits from the conversation:

“If you give me good data, I can provide good service. If you give me bad data, I can only provide bad service. We’re trying to provide great service – and everything is data-driven in our world today. In service management, the two key pieces of data are: what is the root cause CI, what are the related configuration items – once I understand that, I can fix your problem.”

Watch the podcast in its entirety for Brent’s take on:

  • The right way to implement AI for ServiceNow
  • The ITSM/ITIL concept most people ignore (but shouldn’t!)
  • What’s changing in the world of work
  • What’s not changing in the world of work
  • How to manage the culture of technology implementation and use
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