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Interested in the future of machine learning for IT?

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It seems every IT blog, tweet, and product announcement these days is about how artificial intelligence is changing how we live and work. The enthusiasm is well-founded. Not since the advent of steam power in the Industrial Revolution has a new technology had such potential to disrupt… and been so misunderstood.

In IT, Machine learning and natural language processing are finally making it possible to deliver better support experiences for requesters and assist fulfillers to provide the best answers the first time. Fear of bots taking IT jobs is misguided. In fact, artificial intelligence is being used today to make humans smarter by providing training and recommendations.

Most of us in the IT community are intrigued by the possibilities… and wondering what the best ways are to introduce machine learning to our teams. We started Neva to make life better for every employee who dreads calling the help desk and every agent who wants to provide better service but lacks the right information at the right time.

Key topics we’ll discuss:

  • Virtual agents
  • Support automation
  • Data science
  • Deep learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • The future of humans in IT

We’re launching a series of virtual workshops about the future of AI in IT. The first one is January 10, 2017 at noon ET. All members of the IT community are invited but you must be pre-approved to attend.

Let me know if you’d like to be added to the guest list or request access here. We’re looking forward to your ideas and feedback. More important, we’re excited to be defining the future of IT with you.

@neva_ai@dturchin | dan@neva.ai | (650)533-0918

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