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Astound Live Webinar – December 5th: The Future of Work: How AI is Helping HR Deliver Better Employee Experiences

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Can AI really help HR Professionals?

Today’s busy HR professionals are tasked with creating great employee experiences from recruiting through to onboarding and performance management. The most successful organizations are using AI to keep employees engaged and motivated. 

While HR continues to keep the employee center stage in the workplace, AI is working to assist humans by personalizing the employee journey. AI tools have been proven to help motivate, engage and retain employees and AI has been a catalyst for how businesses interact better with employees. Key use cases include recruiting, talent acquisition, onboarding, request management, workforce management, talent retention and performance management. In a recent HR.com AI survey* it was revealed that 72% of HR professionals believe AI can help employees automate routine tasks.

Join us December 5th for a webinar that will help you understand how the future of work includes better answers to  routine questions, automated HR tasks, and happier employees. Astound Co-founder and CPO Dan Turchin will discuss how AI-driven automation is helping organizations like McDonald’s and adidas transform the employee experience and deliver better business outcomes. 

You’ll also learn: 

  • How AI is transforming the employee experience. 
  • Why virtual agents allow employees to make HR requests and receive answers to common questions. 
  • How HR systems powered by AI deliver personalized, reliable and secure support 24×7.
  • Why HR executives are turning to AI to automate the delivery of common service requests related to payroll, benefits and time off.
  • How to use AI to continuously improve key performance indicators like cost per case, first call resolution, and mean time to resolve employee issues. 
  • How AI tools help reduce HR delivery costs.

Register.  We promise you’ll walk away with five actionable tips to guarantee your first AI HR initiative is successful! 


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