AI-driven automation: the future of ITSM   

In my career as an industry analyst, I would frequently field inquiries from large software vendors, service providers and enterprises asking questions such as, “are enterprises going to adopt [...]

Applied vs. Generalized Artificial Intelligence: what’s the difference and why it matters for enterprise IT

There is no shortage of AI related news making headlines. While some is about the rise of evil robots, others envision a post-work world where AI renders human workers obsolete. These futuristic [...]

Shift left: empowerment as-a-service part 2 AI-driven automation

In part 1 “Shift left: empowerment as-a-service”, we looked at the ability of shift left to bring IT services closer to employees via lower touch, lower cost delivery channels. Deciding to [...]

Failure to launch: IT, we have a (self-service) problem!

While modern self-service is working for consumers, IT self-service portals are stuck on the launch pad. However, IT delivering out of this world service to its customers is a mission that’s far [...]