Astound for Slack reinvents the enterprise help desk

Menlo Park, CA (February 22, 2018) — Astound, an enterprise software company applying machine learning and natural language processing to automate service and support for customers like [...]

Neva is now Astound. Here’s why.

Superman changed into a cape. Zeus changed into a swan. Neva is changing into Astound. Our decision to re-launch Neva as Astound was a months-long process that culminated in a name change and was [...]

Ready to reduce MTTR, cost per ticket and cut call volume by up to 70%? Listen and learn how to lead your IT team’s service strategy in 2018.

In my recent podcast, I was joined by Brian Lee, Senior Solutions Consultant, Neva. We discussed how and why AI-driven automation improves the utilization of technology resources and allows IT [...]

We take our responsibility to educate leaders about AI seriously… which is why we’re joining TechNet

Our relationship with technology will change more in the next two years than it has in the past 200 since the Industrial Revolution. The AI-enabled workplace will force us to ask hard questions [...]

As Bond said to Q: “Slack me the WEP code before this router detonates.”

Neva announces investment from Slack Fund to deliver exceptional IT self-service experiences with AI-driven automation and conversational virtual agents There’s that great scene in GoldenEye when [...]