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What Comes After Knowledge?

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Thanks to Knowledge 2019, your head’s crammed with new ideas, validations, and motivations. So how best to take advantage of everything you’ve seen, heard, and learned, once you’ve fully recovered from being here?

A lesson your Knowledge 2019 experience has likely taught you or validated for you: the trade show floor is not the best place for focused discussion. It’s great for demos and short presentations, and for collecting information about companies and solutions you find interesting. But you need a quieter, less frenetic environment to have higher-level discussions.

So if you haven’t yet, now’s the time to visit the companies that interest you most on the show floor. Not to meet, but to arrange your next meeting.


Astound: Who You Should See Next

If Knowledge 2019 has made anything clear, it’s that artificial intelligence (AI) has several key roles to play in the evolution of IT management and the future of work. I would humbly suggest that if you have any interest in such things – and if you don’t, how did you get budget to come to Knowledge 2019? – you need to go see Astound.ai, if you haven’t already. The Astound team will show you why you want to make sure to put following up with them on your post-Knowledge to-do list.

They’ll also share some details about something else you’ll want to put on that list: an upcoming webinar on why and how best to bring AI into your IT environment. (Did you know 80 percent of employee requests are focused on the same three issues? Wouldn’t an automated, intelligent solution that addresses all three, and every element of the complete employee request life cycle, be…interesting?) Meanwhile…


Dortch’s Digressions: A Take on Knowledge 2019 News, Plus More

You may have noticed some announcements by ServiceNow during Knowledge 2019. Top of mind among these for me are the Google Cloud strategic partnership and new, improved, and upcoming applications. I asked Astound co-founder and chief product officer Dan Turchin for his thoughts. He shared this.

“With ServiceNow managing apps and data across multiple public clouds, and the addition of new apps for finance teams and employee onboarding, there’s an increased need for a single system of intelligence to make everything employees do on the platform “smart.” More teams using ServiceNow for more functions across more clouds on more devices is easy, thanks to AI platforms like Astound that buffer employees and process users from the complexities of knowing where to start and what to do next.”

Just more incentive for you to follow up with Astound after you’ve returned and recovered from Knowledge 2019. And to help you prepare for Astound’s upcoming webinar, here are some previous sessions you can see and hear on demand.

Michael Dortch has been writing, speaking, and thinking about IT for four decades. He is a former Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceNow, and was bequeathed the honorific “Reverend Now” after speaking and moderating several popular sessions at past Knowledge conferences. You can learn more about Michael on LinkedIn, and read more of his digressions on Facebook.


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