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Now Showing at Knowledge 2019: AI-Enhanced IT Experiences, In Real Life

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Ever since the first Knowledge conferences, one thing has been clear. The real stars are the customers who share their experiences with solutions from ServiceNow and its partners.

As a perusal of the Knowledge 2019 Content Catalog will show you, many sessions feature users as presenters. And at past Knowledge conferences, sessions featuring users have consistently been some of the most well-attended and highly rated.

Why? Because users represent what’s actually happening in real life, right now. And one of the most happening topics in real-life IT today is artificial intelligence (AI).

AI: Augmentation, Not Competition for Human Brains

At least some of you reading this may remember when most clocks and watches had hands. Before digital watches and clocks appeared, all watches and clocks were just watches and clocks. When digital timekeeping became a widespread reality, so did the terms “analog watch” and “analog clock.”

Similarly, before AI, intelligence was just “intelligence.” Unfortunately, many pundits and prognosticators are still talking about AI as a substitute for or competition with what I’ve taken to calling “organic intelligence” (or “OI”). With all due respect, those folks are just plain wrong. AI is being used right now to enhance and augment, not replace, OI.

While many companies are only now exploring how AI can help them, some are already putting AI to work, helping human agents, support providers, and other decision makers make better decisions faster. And developers at ServiceNow, and at forward-thinking partners such as Astound.ai, are already improving the experiences of customers, users, IT teams, and other members of the business value chain.

Astound is a small, young company, but it already has some pretty impressive users, too. McDonalds, for example. None of them is speaking at Knowledge 2019. But I’d confidently wager that if you visit Astound while at the conference, you just might learn how Astound is transforming employee experiences at one of the world’s leading sportwear makers and sellers. Just saying. (And if you schedule a demo, you also just might snag a pair of Apple AirPods – but you’d better hurry.) Meanwhile…

Dortch’s Digressions: More AI Knowledge at Knowledge 2019

There’s lots of AI-related content to consume and consider at Knowledge 2019, before and/or after you visit Astound. Here are some examples worthy of your time and attention. (ProTip: You can catch all of these on Wednesday, and if you hustle, quite possibly still get to Fred Luddy’s Fireside Chat with CEO John Donahoe at 4:30 in time to grab a decent seat.)

Michael Dortch has been writing, speaking, and thinking about IT for four decades. He is a former Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceNow, and was bequeathed the honorific “Reverend Now” after speaking and moderating several popular sessions at past Knowledge conferences. You can learn more about Michael on LinkedIn, and read more of his digressions on Facebook.

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