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Now at Knowledge 2019: Creating the Future of Work (and Play?)

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Even during ServiceNow’s pre-IPO days, when Astound.ai co-founder Dan Turchin and I both worked there, one of the most popular Knowledge conference elements was what is now known as the CreatorCon Hackathon. I predict with complete confidence Knowledge 2019 will prove no different in this regard.

ServiceNow: A Legacy of Empowering Creators

To be sure, ServiceNow and partners such as Astound are creating “the future of work,” incorporating multiple modern technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Astound solutions are already using AI and ML to help companies such as McDonalds transform the work experience for support providers and users alike. And there’s more to come. Lots more. How about conference rooms that know who’s using them, printers that configure themselves as needed, or smart building that automatically know who’s where and their environmental and privacy preferences?

That’s just a glimpse at the likely near-term future. And its promise is based in part on a platform that’s been “creator-friendly” from the beginning.

For years, the “secret superpower” of ServiceNow has been the power, flexibility, and ease of use of what’s now referred to as the Now Platform. Soon after ServiceNow began shipping its first solutions for IT service management (ITSM), savvy customers began peering “under the hood.” They soon discovered the underlying platform was ready, willing, and able to support creation and deployment of a wide range of applications beyond ITSM.

What’s more, you didn’t have to be a code geek to create and run useful programs. Sometimes, the ability to conceive of an idea and to drag and drop visual representations of functions, processes, and connections were all that was needed.

That legacy has been continued, extended, and expanded. Today, both experienced coders and first-time software creators are using the Now Platform and Now App Engine to build all kinds of applications. Some of these are candidates for continuing the transformation of work as we know it. Some are created purely for fun. But each has the potential to spark a new burst of creativity among creators at ServiceNow customers, among partners such as Astound, and at ServiceNow. And that can only be good for everyone on the journey to making everything and everyplace more intelligent and transforming the world of work. Meanwhile…

Dortch’s Digressions: Unleash and Celebrate the Creator(s) Within!

If you want proof of how the power of creativity can elevate even the ServiceNow experience, you should start by visiting Astound while you’re at Knowledge 2019. Then, whether you just want to see what all the buzz is about, or you’ve got a great idea for an app, if it’s not too late when you read this, check out the 5th Annual CreatorCon Hackathon. It’s scheduled to run from 2 p.m. to midnight on Tuesday, May 7, but don’t be surprised if it spills over into early Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., you can see demos of the apps built by the top three competing teams at the CreatorCon Hackathon winners session. I promise you’ll see at least one app that surprises you – and evidence in all three of the combined power of the Now Platform and its ever-creative users and supporters.

Michael Dortch has been writing, speaking, and thinking about IT for four decades. He is a former Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceNow, and was bequeathed the honorific “Reverend Now” after speaking and moderating several popular sessions at past Knowledge conferences. You can learn more about Michael on LinkedIn, and read more of his digressions on Facebook.

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