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Reduce call volume up to 70% with Answers, our virtual agent that answers commonly asked questions in real-time from service portals, Slack, Skype, or phone using natural language.


Reduce MTTR and free support agents from the mundane task of reviewing and routing tickets by automatically prioritizing, routing, and assigning incidents with our Predict app.


Resolve problems faster the first time with contextual recommendations that pull information across multiple systems of record with our Advise app.

AI-driven, fully automated support for increased productivity and profitability

Today when an employee has an issue, they pick up the phone and call the help desk. They’re routed to some service provider, and the service provider fulfills the request. Millions of times a day. Over and over again.

Astound’s AI platform for employee service takes traditional CRM and ITSM and HCM systems and makes them smart by automating the routine tasks that ordinarily require human agents in call centers to read from scripts. Service management automation makes employees more productive, technology more strategic, and organizations more profitable.

Why do customers trust Astound’s AI automation platform?

Our customers report on average 38% lower MTTR when Astound Predict and Advise automate the service lifecycle. They report 45% fewer calls when Answers, our virtual agent, is available from a traditional self-service portal or system of collaboration. Only Astound service management automation combines leading artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies with deep understanding of ITSM tools and enterprise service management processes.

Imagine a world where nobody waits on hold. Imagine a world where every question gets answered right the first time. Imagine a world where work life is fun, all hours are productive, and nobody is treated like or behaves like a robot. That’s the future of work. We think it’s astounding.


We selected Astound because as we strive to deliver exceptional service with minimal downtime, the Astound AI platform ensures issues are resolved in the most efficient way possible. We feed the Astound AI platform our data and it resolves the majority of issues right the first time. Digital transformation is a core part of our mission and Astound is helping us create technology-enabled experiences for our team and our customers.

Joel Eagle, Senior Director Technology & Architecture, McDonald’s Global Technology Services


Astound provides a virtual agent that autonomously resolves routine IT and HR requests. Employees get fast service that’s always available from any place on any device. They can interactively ask questions, submit incidents and order goods and services through a modern, interactive, omni-channel self-service experience.


When the Astound virtual agent can’t resolve issues at the first point of contact, the platform uses machine learning to automatically route and recommend the best solution to live agents. Astound uses contextual details from the requester’s location and incident history to categorize and assign work based on schedules and queues. It then makes recommendations based on related issues, available experts, and chat transcripts to help fulfillers fix more problems faster the first time.


Astound uses AI-driven predictive analytics to let managers know about problems before they occur. Our Analyze app delivers instant insights about what’s about to fail, where, and how to resolve it before anyone notices with intuitive dashboards. Service owners can easily understand the health of operations based on issue volume and sources. They can also determine how automation impacts KPIs including MTTR, FCR, and customer satisfaction and assess future resource requirements, vendor relationships, and budget requirements with predictive models and interactive charts.

There’s a reason why we hate calling the help desk. Waiting on hold for agents to read from a script is de-humanizing for employees and service agents. Finally, the power of data can be used to deliver a support experience employees love using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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With Astound AI, service requests get resolved faster and employees have more time to focus on the work that matters.